Welcome to the 3D Hub space, in addition to standard products, we are now taking commission pieces. 

How it works:  There are a ton of files ready to print, on websites such as www.thingiverse.com that can be printed. We are offering the opportunity for the customer to commission us to print various files for them. Pricing will be based on material usage and print time. Email or contact us on Facebook with the file you are looking to have printed and we will respond with our pricing and an estimated length of time it will take to complete your order. After pricing out the item we will contact you with the amount and if agreed upon we will send you an invoice for that amount +shipping. Once paid we will start your order.

*note: not all files are able to be printed on our machines, there are a vast amount of files out there that are tuned to specific machines and papercraft/mdf laser cutting. You will be informed if file is unable to be printed.

If interested contact us at rmcgamingstore@gmail.com or on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/rmcgaming