A set of walls and large gateway building, to surround and protect your Necrontyr Tomb City.  Items are broken down into sections so you can create your own designed wall system for your needs and length. sections are connected with clips (provided) or can be glued if you wish. 

Sections include (floor pieces are provided with each section):

Straight section - This includes one section of wall that measures 4.75" wide and close to 4.25" tall

Junction section - This is the section you need to either add a set of stairs or decide to add another direction of straight walls. 

Stairs - You will need these with a junction section unless you are just branching off more straight walls.

Corner sections - just as it states, corner wall at a 90 degree angle. 

GatewayThe gateway building features two large obelisk-style towers, with internal steps to raise the path over the large 100mm-high gates, which can be swung opened or closed during games. Numerous engravings and Necrontyr symbols adorn the structure.

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