This set is the first DungeonStick set to use the new starlink geometric peg system, which allows semi-locking at 45 degree geometric angles (though there's some wiggle room to allow for crazy shapes).

This set is "ruined stone" and is intended to depict old, disrepaired, or ruined structures/dungesons/etc. For the pics, I painted as an underwater long-forgotten Atleantean city, but with different color schemes this set can work all over the place (desert ruins, mountaintop dungeon, ancient shrine, etc).

The set contains: 25 wall sections, including one doorway, message me on facebook if needed extras of anything)

This gives you the freedom to make all kinds of shapes, walls, etc. 


Printed in PLA plastic, comes unpainted.

PLease allow up to one week before shipping as all items are made on demand.


***Officially licensed printer for EC3D designs***




Dungeon Sticks - Ruined walls