This Iconic spear is massive. The gun and blade alone are 3 foot in length. 

I am only taking 2 orders at a time on these as they take a very long time to complete. So as long as there are preorders this will be shown as out of stock, if there are no current preorders this will be opened up with 2 in inventory. If you would like to preorder contact RMC Gaming on Facebook. 

This is a kit that comes unnasembled and unpainted. Additional pieces will need to be purchased by customer to complete the model.
1" PVC pipe
1.25" PVC pipe
Tool to cut PVC.

Please allow up to 2 weeks to create the piece as all models are made on demand.

*This model was created for RMC Gaming and any reselling/recasting to sell is prohibited.

Guard Spear

$270.00 Regular Price
$256.50Sale Price