The larger more intimidating version of the biocraft hive, the base measures 9sq inches with a height of 7".

color of print may vary, please allow extra time before shipment as all items are made on demand. 



3D printing with an FDM printer has a  few steps needed to fully prep your model for paint, prints sometimes have imperfections where supports are needed or layer lines can be more prominent on rounded surfaces etc..,since all of our products are raw prints straight from the printer a few tools that are helpful are:

Wood filler or glazing spot putty. These are my go to for filling seams from connected parts or fixing any gaps. Both work well.
Super glue
Sandpaper (various grits)
Filler primer. This fills in layer lines that FDM printers can leave, I recommend Rustoleums 2 in 1 filler and sandable primer, just apply 2 coats, let dry for a day and sand smooth with high grit sandpaper.

Large biocraft terrain