My take on an iconic pistol in the warhammer lore. This model is scaled 1:1 to most closely resemble actual size. Looks and feels good in your hand and makes an excellent prop or display piece.


Model comes unassembled and unpainted. Customer is responsible for assembly, prep work, including hiding seam lines, sanding, priming and painting. A tutorial is available thanks to (placeholder) at (placeholder) to help get you started.


This is a made to order item, This is a made to order item, normal creation time is 1-2 weeks, if orders start to backlog customers will be notified of approximate completion time prior to order.


I do not own the rights to the likeness of this model. You are paying for time and matrerial in creating the print. Some small features I have added to make it distinct may not reflect the exact actual model of this weapon. 


When purchasing comment on your favorite legion for this Army and I may be able to include bonus parts for free. (not 100% of the time depending on pick)


Model will be printed in either white or gray depending on availability of material.


For a slightly smaller version at less of a price see the 80% scale listing.

Marine pistol 1:1

$100.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price