Apache carry case with pluck foam

Here is the Apache 3800 weatherproof protective case.

Right when i looked at I saw it had potential. It looked durable and was a decent size.

Once I opened it up is when i realized, I was definitely going to make this purchase.

When stored upright I can fit at least 6 rhinos in the case with extra room for other smaller things i may want to add.

As you can see the foam is completely removable. I am still looking into whether I can find the same size inserts in case I wanted to change out what i was carrying (will update).

The case is very durable, and has a solid latch that will not come open accidentally.

Overall this is a fantastic case and quite affordable compared to other name brand gaming specific cases.

It retails for 39.99 which is a fair price, the trick however is the coupons that come attached, Coupons can be up to 20% off a single item which makes it a fantastic deal for a budget gamer that needs to transport some larger models.

The only negative i found as that the largest size is still a hair too small to carry some of the newer models such as Mortarion, or Magnus without that being almost the only model that would fit since you would have to pluck out a lot of the foam. and cant be made to store them vertically inside.

Overall i am quite happy with this case and plan to purchase another once i get another 20% off.

You can find these in store or on the website at https://www.harborfreight.com/watertight-protective-case-medium-63926.html

(apparently the large ones are sold out online at the moment)

As this is my first review I can see already it is very generic, however I will be doing more and will improve with time =]. If anyone would like me to do a product review send an email to rmcgamingstore@gmail.com and let us know!

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